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Candidates swarm for mosquito position

It's a job that pays $400 monthly for a relatively light workload involving one brief meeting a month.

Mosquito control commissioner _ everybody seems to want the title.

Three open seats on the Pasco Mosquito Control Board attracted a record 21 candidates this year. Many of them decided to run after a Times story made note of the pay and thin workload.

Rob Vollmar is one of the 21. But, he said Thursday, he is interested in politics, not the money.

Vollmar, a political newcomer, said he will donate his entire salary to Hernando-Pasco Hospice if he wins, and for as long as he holds the office.

"The people at Hospice put a lot more into their work than mosquito control commissioners," he said. "I don't want to belittle commissioners and other candidates. I won't say anything bad about them. But you shouldn't get paid for public service."

Vollmar, 27, is a Holiday resident who said he is "mobile disc jockey" who entertains at weddings and special events.

Vollmar said he will hold one fund-raiser to cover campaign costs. But, he said, "I will not litter the county with political signs along the roadside come election time."

Mosquito control commissioners generally attend one meeting a month _ a gathering that usually lasts less than a half-hour. Once or twice a year, a brief budget session is held.

Commissioners oversee a $1.9-million budget. But a full-time, $59,000-per-year director oversees the day-to-day operations of the Mosquito Control District.

"I went to one meeting," Vollmar said, "and I was shocked. After it was over, I said, "Is that all? Is something else going to happen?' Hospice should definitely get the money."