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Fire dropped into night depository

(ran PW edition)

Someone dipped a handful of bank deposit slips into lighter fluid, set them on fire and dropped them in the night deposit slot at the NationsBank branch on U.S. 19 next to Gulf View Square Mall early Wednesday.

The fire melted 23 plastic deposit bags, but the money and checks they contained sustained only minor damage, according to Pasco County Sheriff's Office reports.

An emergency fire extinguisher inside the safe did not go off, and officials said the fire appeared to burn itself out fairly quickly. A plastic box at the bottom of the safe also was damaged.

Bank officials also reported that someone sprayed a full can of bug spray down the night deposit chute one night this week.

Boys attack teen

in her driveway

HUDSON _ A 16-year-old Hudson girl was grabbed in her driveway Wednesday by two boys, one of whom exposed himself to her, according to Sheriff's Office reports.

The girl pulled into her driveway on Terrace Drive in Hudson about 4 p.m. and saw the two boys in the front yard. The girl told deputies one boy appeared to be about 11 and the other was between 14 and 16.

When she got out of her car, the girl said, the boys taunted her and threw rocks and sticks at her car and her dog. When she told them to leave, the older boy pulled down his pants and exposed himself, she said.

The older boy then grabbed her by the arm while the second boy threw sticks at her and threatened to shock her with his stun gun. One boy had a set of nunchakus but did not use them, reports said.

The girl, who was not injured, pushed the boy away and ran inside the house. She did not know the boys. No arrest has been made.