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Fox Hollow Golf Club, Hole No. 18

A weekly look at an interesting area golf hole

10050 Robert Trent Jones Pkwy, Odessa 33566, (813) 376-6333

Par 4: 450 yards from the back tees, 445 from the silver, 429 from the blues, 411 from the white, 362 from the gold, 252 from the front

Scorecard rating: 8

+ DESCRIPTION: This hole is both deceiving and tempting; deceiving because a fairway mound hides water to the left, and tempting because players often feel they must hit driver off the tee because of the hole's length. The smart play is probably a fairway wood off the tee to take the water and a fairway bunker on the right out of play. Granted, you might be left with a longer iron to the green, but birdies are difficult to come by here anyway. The green is large, severely undulating and open only in the front. Bunkers protect the green on the left and right, but the green's right side is deeper and usually the target of choice. When the pin is tucked behind the bunker on the left, birdies are rarely seen around this hole. Many a close match has been decided on this hole, and most often the winner played it conservatively.

+ THE KEY: "Get the drive safely in the fairway," Fox Hollow head professional Archie Cart said. "This is not a hole where you should get greedy _ not on the drive or the approach. If you get greedy, you may end up with a big number."