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Lotto winner plans to keep on working

A Tampa legal secretary who snagged the $6-million Lotto jackpot Saturday says she will keep working because she likes her job.

Kydia L. Perera, 55, of Tampa, will receive 20 annual payments of $300,000 for picking the right six numbers in the most recent drawing. She bought the lucky ticket from the 7-Eleven at 2113 E Linebaugh Ave. in Tampa and plans to use her winnings to buy a new house, a car and a trip to Australia.

After discovering she had won, Perera said she calmed herself down and looked for a safe place to hide the ticket.

"I opened the Bible, and it fell open to the first page of the Book of Numbers," she said in a prepared statement Thursday.

Perera said she will share her winnings with her two children, Henry Perera, 39, of Brandon, and Sue Mortellaro, 35, of Tampa.

But she says that no matter how great it feels to be financially secure for the rest of her life, she can't bring herself to quit her secretary job.

"The lawyers in my firm are real happy for me, and they don't want me to quit," she said.