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The Adventures of Pinocchio (G) (88 min.) B+ _ The classic tale gets the live-action treatment, with Martin Landau as kindly old Geppetto, and the voice of Jonathan Taylor Thomas inhabiting a marvelous special-effect hero.

The Celluloid Closet (NR) (102 min.) B _ Hollywood's mostly unflattering portrayal of homosexuality is examined, with loads of film clips and revealing comments from stars and directors.

Cold Comfort Farm (PG) (98 min.) A _ A prim socialite (Kate Beckinsale) moves in with her grubby distant relatives and proceeds to change their lives in an amusing, uncharacteristic lark from director John Schlesinger (Midnight Cowboy, Sunday Bloody Sunday).

Joe's Apartment (PG-13) (80 min.) _ Amiable roaches sing and dance their way into a New Yorker's heart in this bizarre big-screen version of a beloved short film from MTV.

Kingpin (PG-13) (117 min.) C _ Woody Harrelson stars as a bowling hustler who teaches his Amish protege (Randy Quaid) about life in the fast lanes. Gross, disgusting and occasionally very funny. If smart comedy is a game, this movie is a 7-10 split.

Supercop (R) (93 min.) B- _ Daredevil "actor" Jackie Chan returns as a Hong Kong detective investigating drug and arms dealers. Chan is still a kick, but Michelle Khan steals the show as his first female partner.

A Time To Kill (R) (144 min.) C _ A racially charged murder case in Mississippi pits the law against the Ku Klux Klan in this uneven adaptation of John Grisham's bestseller. Good performances by Matthew McConaughey and Samuel L. Jackson as the defense table, but Sandra Bullock and other fine actors are wasted.

The Young Poisoner's Handbook (NR) (99 min.) _ A British schoolboy takes a fancy to toxic substances and murder in this pitch-black fable.