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Orange County may owe Courtney Love $27,000

Published Sep. 16, 2005

Attorneys for Courtney Love will present Orange County taxpayers a $27,000 bill for the rock singer's battery trial last year.

A circuit judge's ruling requires the county to consider the total expenses of $27,000 rather than a reduced amount of $254 set by a lower court judge earlier this year.

Love, 32, was acquitted in November on charges that she slugged two fans while performing in Orlando in March 1995. County Judge Janis Halker dismissed the case by ruling that the teens weren't exposed to any more violence than could reasonably be expected at such concerts.

The ruling entitled Love to seek reimbursement of some legal expenses. Much of the $27,000 is for expert witnesses.

Assistant County Attorney George Dorsett may ask for a rehearing an appeal to the 5th District Court of Appeal.