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PROFILE: Augustus and Tommie Freundlich

CITY: Lutz

PROFESSION: He _ former dean of fine arts, University of South Florida; retired museum director; currently director of Florsheim Art Fund, which makes grants nationwide to professional artists over age 60. She _ retired executive secretary; aids in Florsheim.

WHAT WE COLLECT: Self-portraits.

EXHIBITING: 74 artists' self-portraits at the Tampa Museum of Art through Aug. 18. All but one are gifts or promised gifts to the museum. "Our works have given us, our family and occasional visitor much happiness over the years. By turning the group over now to the museum, we hope the pleasure will be shared by many more."

THE HOLD-BACK: Recently purchased portrait of Will Barnett. "My favorite is always the last thing I acquired. I'm not ready to give it up just yet."

WHY WE LIKE WHAT WE LIKE: "There is something fascinating about the self-portrait genre. The artist frequently uses himself as a model because the self is available and inexpensive. In so doing, however, there often results an incisive study of personality. Some artists show themselves at work painting or engraving, haunted by the fates or ancestors. Some are happy; others frowning in concentration."

HOW WE GOT STARTED: "Our collection was gathered at first haphazardly when we saw something we liked. We realized at one point that we had several self-portraits. We decided to focus on that area, because of budgets limited by academic salaries and the raising and schooling of four children."

WHERE WE BUY: "Most of our purchases were through friendly gallery dealers who were willing to extend credit, a few from artist friends. Occasionally some were purchased on European trips."

BEST ADVICE: "Anyone interested in acquiring works of art should buy what appeals to their eye. Many foolish folk have acquired work in hopes of gaining financially by later resale. It seldom happens."