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Question: Can you tell me the name of Ozzie and Harriet's neighbor? I believe he was played by actor Don DeFore.

Answer: "Thorny" Thornberry was the name of the Nelsons' neighbor in the early years of the TV series (1952-58). DeFore was a holdover from the The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet radio show, which began in 1944. He later appeared on Hazel. DeFore died in 1993 at the age of 80.

Question: I seem to remember a TV pilot in the '80s that starred Rick Springfield as a Los Angeles vampire detective working the night shift. My sister claims that Geraint Wyn Davies in Forever Knight is the only actor to have played such a role. Who's right?

Answer: Springfield originated the role of the vampire detective in the 1989 TV pilot Nick Knight. The show didn't make the prime-time list that year, but Forever Knight became a late-night TV drama on CBS, then aired in first-run syndication. The series, which ended this spring, is now rebroadcast on cable's Sci-Fi Channel.