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Tests don't link suspects, crime scene

The two men charged in three murders at a Cracker Barrel restaurant are not linked to the crime scene by the latest genetic tests on blood samples from the suspects.

No link was found between evidence from the crime scene at the Naples restaurant where the killings took place Nov. 15, 1995, and the two suspects, Brandy B. Jennings, 26, and Charles J. Graves, 18.

Previously released test results of other physical evidence also failed to link the defendants.

The most damaging evidence so far against Graves and Jennings, investigators said, appears to be their own incriminating statements made to detectives.

Collier Circuit Judge William Blackwell already has ruled that Jennings' confession can be used against him at trial, which is scheduled to begin Sept. 30 in Clearwater.

Assistant State Attorney Jerry Brock, lead prosecutor in the case, refused to comment on the latest test results, which were released Wednesday.

But prosecutors have said they'll seek the death penalty for Jennings and Graves, each of whom is charged with robbery and three counts of first-degree murder.

Killed last November at the Cracker Barrel by Interstate 75 were restaurant associate manager Dorothy Siddle, 38, of Golden Gate, cook Vicki Smith, 27, of Copeland, and maintenance worker Jason Wiggins, 21, of East Naples.

The bodies of all three were found in a walk-in freezer at the restaurant just before dawn. All three were tied up and their throats slit.

Among the apparently undamaging findings released Wednesday by prosecutors:

Tests of blood found on a knife believed to be the murder weapon, the knife case and a work glove could not determine whose blood it is.

Tests of saliva found on cigarette butts found at the restaurant show they were smoked by Wiggins and Smith, not the defendants.

Tests of other evidence gathered from the murder scene show traces of the victims' blood but not that of the defendants.

A blue T-shirt taken from Graves' apartment had traces of his blood on it.