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Vichy officer goes to grave denying part in executions

Paul Touvier, the only Frenchman convicted of war crimes for the execution of Jews during World War II, went to his grave declaring his innocence Thursday when his will was read at his funeral.

"I never killed. I never ordered anyone killed. I never tortured, and I never ordered anyone tortured," the former Vichy militia leader said in the will, addressed to his family.

Touvier, convicted of crimes against humanity, died of prostate cancer July 17 in a prison hospital.

Elsewhere . . .

JERUSALEM _ Two people were killed and one was wounded when their car was fired on from a passing car near Jerusalem Friday. On Thursday, Israeli troops killed two guerrillas in Lebanon.

MANILA, Philippines _ Typhoon Gloria killed at least 20 people in Philippines' northernmost islands Thursday. In Vietnam, Tropical Storm Frankie killed at least 17 people; dozens were missing.

ANKARA, Turkey _ Three Turkish hunger strikers died in prison Thursday, bringing the total this week to six. More than 200 inmates are taking part in the hunger strike in 33 prisons, and about 55 are close to death. The government refuses to compromise over the strikers' demands.

TOKYO _ The number of people stricken in Japan's mysterious food-poisoning outbreak climbed to 8,500 Thursday. Seven people have died and more than 600 are hospitalized, scores of them in critical condition.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa _ South Africa's top court on Thursday ruled in favor of the country's new Truth and Reconciliation Commission, confirming its right to offer amnesty to those who come forward and testify about their role in past atrocities.

ALGIERS, Algeria _ A hijacker kept an Algerian jetliner on an airport runway for five hours Thursday before security forces overpowered him, freeing all 232 people aboard unharmed. The hijacker, an Algerian of Lebanese descent, was found to be unarmed.

MADRID, Spain _ Amnesty International condemned Spain Thursday for slipping tranquilizers into the drinking water of 103 deportees to make it easier to expel them from Spain to Africa.