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A brighter day

Good morning, readers. We had a note this week from Howard R. O'Neill, a New Port Richey reader who offered to re-record items onto cassettes. So far he has been in touch with 23 of you. "It has been an interesting experience for me to meet and talk with such a diversified group of people," the generous Mr. O'Neill writes. "I enjoy bringing happiness to others. Wouldn't it be nice if more people felt that way?" What a wonderful way to start off a Saturday morning!

Let's spread that happiness around. Lorraine Huhta of Largo had a copy of the Tintinnabulation record sought by Alma Marshall and has sent her a copy. Now help Lorraine, who has an unusual problem. For years she sought a recording of folk songs by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. She was particularly interested in a Czech folk tune, Waters Ripple and Flow, which she remembered from her Czech childhood. She found the album at the Goodwill store on Missouri Avenue in Clearwater "and great was my joy," Lorraine tells us, "but _ alas _ the record inside was not the one to match the cover. Wonder if anyone bought a Mormon Tabernacle album there and found the wrong record. I'll exchange."

One more response for Harold Pfifer, who sought big rubber bands to hold trash bags in place. Dorothy Steele of Largo sends us the Home Trends catalog, which offers a one-pound box (about 200 "big bands") for $6.50. The phone number is (716) 254-6520; the address is 1450 Lyell Ave., Rochester, NY 14606-9930.

We have two requests for needlework assistance this morning. Blanche Simundza of Spring Hill made a crocheted afghan in a stitch that looks like knitting, then she cross-stitched roses on top of it. "I was unhappy with one of the panels and unraveled it. Now my eyes are too poor to do it. Can anyone help?"

Dorothy McGuigan of Bayonet Point has an unfinished crocheted afghan left her by her sister. She has the book and instructions "but I don't know the first thing about crochet and would like to have it finished," for which she will gladly pay.

Two Offers of the Week: Lois J. Paradise of Tampa has a Magnavox portable hi-fi (too heavy to be carried very far) that plays 78s, 45s and 33s, which she is happy to give away. Linda Flack of Seminole has a Pulmo-Aide Compressor/Nebulizer by DeVilbiss, model number 5650D. It is used by asthmatics to inhale their Albuterol medication. This is about a year old; her son no longer uses it, "and I'd like to see it go to someone who could use it."

Mildew woes

It must be that time of year. Jane Roy of Pinellas Park is getting mildew spots on the freezer door of her refrigerator. "I've tried all kinds of kitchen cleansers, including bleach, to no avail," she tells us. Mrs. Edward Carney of St. Petersburg lives in a condo, where "our bedroom walls are full of mildew. The products in stores affect my hubby's asthmatic condition. We also use a dehumidifier." Who can help?

Who knows where K. R. Taylor of Gulfport can find a Latvian cookbook for her mother, a native of Riga?

There's a story here: Terry Faulkner of Clearwater would like to find a Crayola crayon carousel. She will be reunited this fall with a son she hasn't seen for 17 years, "and the carousel was something he had wanted when he was little and never got. I am hoping against hope that someone might have one."

Anyone have games and educational software for an old Apple computer, model SE/30, with a black and white screen? Mary Blades of Holiday seeks them for her granddaughter.

Adeline DeSarno of St. Petersburg has a couple of requests: the Avon Madonna pin from a couple of Christmases ago; The Banjo: A Collector's Treasury, a three-cassette set, and the map chest made by Yield House, discontinued in 1988, with porcelain handles and knobs and six drawers about 2{ inches high.

In the late 1940s and early '50s, Elizabeth Krause of Bayonet Point had an aunt who created clothes for a baby doll about an inch long. There was a bonnet, dress and panties, and Elizabeth and her sister wore these tiny dolls as pins on their clothing. Does anyone know where to find the dolls and instructions for the clothes?

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