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Clinton rejects spy's request for clemency

President Clinton rejected a clemency plea from convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, who has been in prison more than 10 years. The president cited the enormity of Pollard's crime, his lack of remorse and the damage he caused U.S. security.

Friday's decision was a blow to Israel and American Jewish groups, which had campaigned for his release from a life sentence.

A one-time Navy analyst, Pollard was arrested outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington in 1985 and convicted of espionage in 1986. He admitted selling Israel military intelligence documents, including satellite photographs and information on Arab military systems.

Aid bill approved

The Senate passed a $12.25-billion foreign aid bill Friday that would impose limited economic sanctions against Burma while fully financing President Clinton's program for fighting the illegal drug trade abroad. But it also set up a fight with the House over abortion financing.

The bill, approved 93-7, must be reconciled with a $11.9-billion House version that differs in several respects, including an absence of Burma sanctions and a restriction on abortion funding.

The money is for the 1997 fiscal year.

One of the toughest disputes likely will be over abortion, Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said. The Senate rejected House language that would bar financing to any private group that advocated or performed abortions anywhere in the world.

A $9,900 love letter

HEWLETT, N.Y. _ A love letter written by a youthful Bill Clinton to a girlfriend in Arkansas has sold for $9,900, the second-highest price ever for a letter by a living person, an auction house said.

Empire Autograph Auctions Ltd. also auctioned a signature of author J. D. Salinger for $1,540 Thursday.

Auction manager Herman Darvick said the previous high price for a letter of a living person was the $12,500 paid in 1981 for one by Ronald Reagan.

The Clinton letter was written in 1968 when he was a 22-year-old student at Oxford University in England, Darvick said.