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Dancers ready to strut stuff in Orlando

A group of Seminole dance students will be making its (almost) New York debut today.

The 16 are scheduled to do a 20-minute show on a stage in front of a re-creation of the New York Public Library at Universal Studios in Orlando.

"I'm excited," said Kendra Chittenden, 12, who will do a solo to John Michael Montgomery's Sold. "To be dancing in a big place where all those people are."

The group from Susan Hartley's Dancemoves Studio was invited to perform at Universal after Hartley sent an audition tape in May.

They did a quick rehearsal Friday morning before heading for Orlando, where the outdoor performance is scheduled for 1 p.m.

"Just relax," Hartley told the dance students before they left Friday, "and wear lots of sunscreen."

The dancers will do seven numbers, three in groups and four solos.

Soloists will be Chittenden, Elizabeth Hartley, 16, Kerrie Danler, 11, and Allyson Masey, 7.

The other dancers are Heidi Priebe, 12, Laurel Moll, 12, Kristen Reed, 11, Bridget Martin, 12, Rachael Smith, 11, Chondra Eckert, 13, Christina Hurst, 13, Monica Hopkins, 11, Shane Hartley, 10, Allison Marshall, 8, Katryna Kasprzyk, 10, and Desmond Murray, 13.

Allison, one of the youngest dancers, said she can't believe she is getting this opportunity. "I'm really proud of myself," she said.

Desmond said performing in a stage show like this one gives the group a chance to do different things.

"It's cool," he said. "We get to learn more and work more together."