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CUT!: Julia Roberts was in a Comiskey Park skybox Wednesday, filming scenes of a film titled My Best Friend's Wedding, when Mark McGwire hit a 470-foot home run onto the roof. Two members of the film crew, including one said to be Roberts' bodyguard, used a ladder to climb the roof to find the ball but were snagged by security guards who were retrieving it for McGwire. The bodyguard was ejected from the stadium.

DULLSVILLE: Stuck on the disabled list with a broken collarbone, Rockies outfielder Larry Walker spent time in the bullpen to get a reliever's perspective. "It's boring," he said. "They don't move. They flick sunflower seeds to keep themselves excited. You just sit in a chair and stare straight ahead like a mannequin. You feel like a kid in detention."

AIN'T NO THRILL: After being on the disabled list twice in his first 10 seasons, Will Clark is on it for the third time this season. Clark, 32, has played eight games since June 7. He pulled a quadriceps muscle, was hit in the ribs by a Norm Charlton pitch, and then pulled a calf muscle.

BOSIO, P.I.: While on a rehabilitation assignment at Class A Lancaster (Calif.), Mariners pitcher Chris Bosio went on a local radio show and made an impassioned plea for the safe return of mascot K.B. Jethawk's head, which had been stolen. The costume head was returned later in the day. "In the off-season, I may try to find missing mascots all over the country," Bosio said.