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Published Sep. 16, 2005

It's the 90s _ literally. Water temperatures are approaching 90 degrees on all of Florida's lakes. The metabolic process of largemouth bass is adversely affected by extremes in water temperatures, so bass will seek cooler water if available.

Prime areas include the edge of deep channels adjacent to feeding flats, heavy canopy cover such as matted hydrilla, or tree-lined banks that provide a distinct shade line. Pitch Texas rigged worms on channel edges. Soft plastic baits should be flipped methodically along the canopy cover, and shade lines can be fished effectively with spinnerbaits.

Also consider fishing tidal river systems. River water runs much cooler than sedentary lakes. Find areas on rivers where there is a confluence, such as where a creek meets the main river channel, and fish thoroughly with Carolina rigs, especially where the waters intersect. Use a 7-foot, medium-heavy action graphite rod. The long stout rod will help you make long casts with ease and will assist in a good hookset.

_ Joe DiMaio frequently can be found on the tournament trail.