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Don't glamorize drug use, Dole urges

(ran SS edition of METRO & STATE)

Pointing to an increase in heroin abuse, Bob Dole urged entertainment and fashion industry leaders not to glamorize drug use.

In a weekly Republican radio address, the presidential hopeful blamed Nirvana guitarist Kurt Cobain's suicide on his heroin addiction and referred to the overdose death of actor River Phoenix.

"Despite these deaths, there are still some in the entertainment, fashion and recording industries who insist on glamorizing drug use," Dole said.

Dole has been a critic of the entertainment industry's portrayal of sex and violence. But he said many members of the industry "understand . . . that glamorizing drugs has deadly consequences."

However, he urged "those in places like Hollywood and New York City who have the ability to influence our children" to ask themselves every day if their work would "send a false and deadly message to America's youth that drugs are harmless fun."

Dole began his remarks with a moment of silent prayer for the victims of the Olympic bombing.