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High-pressure system sets heat record

Even by Florida standards, this weekend is a scorcher.

The Tampa Bay area set a record high of 97 degrees on Saturday, breaking the 6-year-old record for the date, 95 degrees.

The "feels like" temperature, which takes into account humidity, was 105 at 3 p.m. at Tampa International Airport.

Amateur weather watchers in Spring Hill, Carrollwood, Tarpon Springs and Largo reported highs of 100 or higher.

"There were some really warm temperatures," said Ron Morales of the National Weather Service.

Today is expected to be hot again, with partly cloudy skies and highs around 94.

The culprit is a high pressure system centered to the north, according the National Weather Service. That is generating a clockwise flow in the atmosphere that brings winds from the east across the Tampa Bay area.

Those winds, coming over land instead of water, are warmer and bring none of the relief that an afternoon sea breeze offers, forecasters said.

On Saturday, one thunderstorm appeared in Gilchrist County in North Florida.

Today's high "will certainly be hot; it's July in Florida," Morales said.