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Hillary Clinton's problem is herself, not sexism

In regard to your editorial of June 28: Hillary Rodham Clinton is not a victim of sexism.

In Ms. Clinton's case, it's not about rocking the boat. It's not about resentment for a strong woman. It's not about being more in-your-face than others. It's not about trashing a successful woman.

In Hillary Rodham Clinton's case, it's about personality traits and character flaws. It's about greed and the lust for power. It's about evasiveness. It's about vindictiveness. It's about arrogance.

No, Ms. Sokol. It's not about sexism. It's not about Hillary Rodham Clinton as a woman. It's about Hillary Rodham Clinton as a person.

William S. Clark, Odessa

Bike ramp isn't bothering anyone

I just read the article Bitter Over Bike Ramps by Babita Persaud in the July 19 issue of North of Tampa. I find the neighbors' animosity toward the teens unfounded and biased. What is to come next? Are we going to tell young parents their children can't have jungle gyms because their delighted squeals annoy us?

If the teens have cut off the music and only ride during daylight hours, what can possibly be the problem? The ramps are in a fenced-in private back yard, and do not infringe on anyone's property.

There is so much complaining about kids being on the street, but when they find a safe haven they are threatened with legal action. Jackie Dempsey complains that "there is no privacy. I can't walk around with only a T-shirt on. I have to keep the curtains drawn." What is she doing walking around naked in a suburb filled with children? That is not an issue of privacy, that is an issue of decency.

I strongly believe the teens should be able to pursue their sport and to practice without being harassed. If the neighbors don't want the ramp there, perhaps they would be interested in funding a place elsewhere? Somehow I doubt it.

Krista R. White, Belleair

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