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Let retarded continue recycling work

Editor: I most strongly urge the commissioners of Hernando County to keep the clients of the Hernando Association of Retarded Citizens employed in the recycling program at the landfill.

Hernando ARC started recycling in Hernando County as a fund-raiser before the county started its program. The county came to Hernando ARC and asked to work together to get the county started. Hernando ARC's clients have had a training program at the landfill for five or six years.

The county and Hernando ARC share the profits from the recycling program and Hernando ARC pays 28 mentally retarded clients from its share. You should see how proud the clients are when they receive their paychecks.

This program has instilled a sense of independence in some clients, enabling them to live with the aid of a coach. This means they put money back into the community as they pay rent and shop at local stores.

Commissioners, how can you discard this program in favor of putting prisoners in their place to work for gain time? I do not think the taxpayers of Hernando County will approve of this.

Keep Hernando ARC's clients working at the recycling program at the landfill.

John Tymon


Traffic light is on way _ maybe

Editor: Keep your fingers crossed. I have received information recently regarding the absence of a traffic light at Breakwater Boulevard and U.S. 19.

The source of the information is from a county official and a well-respected business person in the community.

Preliminary work at this intersection has begun and will continue during the next 60 days. Then, in 90 days, expect the poles to be delivered. Then, in 120 days, completion of the light.

Again, I say keep your fingers crossed. The reason for the delay, we were told, is that the state Department of Transportation five times messed up the specification for this traffic signal. The score is now Hernando County 9, voters 0.

In addition to all the above, there is a rumor that this signal has been given priority and possibly the work will be completed sooner. Seeing is believing.

William Hamm

Spring Hill

Stop political mudslinging

Editor: In your opinion column on July 21, you had a section about people writing in to endorse certain candidates and not attacking candidates.

In the same paper, in the letters to the editor, Gil Williams wrote a letter that was definitely trying to get a message across to the voters of Hernando County by bashing Republican state Rep. Jeff Stabins. Williams very conveniently forgot to mention he is active in the Democratic Party.

Stabins, so far, has not bashed the candidate who is running against him. Doesn't Williams have anything else better to do with his time than bashing Stabins?

I would give Williams some advice: You are not helping your candidate by throwing dirt at Stabins. I don't like to see someone who has made mistakes continue to be bashed for them. Let the voters decide, Mr. Williams, who they want for their elected official.

Nancy Wilson

Spring Hill

Millage rate flat, but taxes rose

Editor: It's about time the Hernando County commissioners and press stop saying that the line was held and property taxes did not increase for the past eight years.

Last year the millage rate did remain the same, but assessments were raised 2.7 percent. That resulted in a tax increase of 2.7 percent. Let's call a spade a spade.

Eugene Fontana

Spring Hill

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