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COMMENT: Three cheers for Billy Payne and the other Olympic officials for continuing the Games. I think it shows a touch of true class and represents the United States very well that we can continue the Games that have been established to bring the world together in light of the disgusting display by the idiot that planted this bomb.

Steve Powell, St. Petersburg

COMMENT: One of the reasons Brooke Bennett is not getting the recognition she deserves for swimming is because she needs a lesson in humility. Someone should teach the young woman to be more humble.

Ken Morris, Palm Harbor

COMMENT: I think the coverage is a little slow and is slanted toward the United States. But my biggest complaint is that, when we play the Star-Spangled Banner, athletes are not putting their hands over their hearts and only a few are even mouthing the words. I think it's a disgrace.

Marie Beekley, Tarpon Springs

COMMENT: I've been surprised by the negative comments about John Tesh. When I initially heard him I thought it was curious since he's not from the wonderful world of sports. But I've been pleasantly surprised. I think he's emotionally engaged me in whatever was happening, whether it was positive or negative. For that I'm thankful.

Karen Korzow, Palm Harbor

COMMENT: If it weren't for the St. Petersburg Times, we wouldn't even know that baseball was being played in the Olympics.

Brian Grigg, St. Petersburg

COMMENT: Three cheers for Ernest Hooper for having the courage to point out the biased coverage of the Olympics. NBC's snubbing of the other nations, the Ukranians in particular, characterizes the United States as a most ungracious and mean-spirited host. We Americans don't deserve to be cast in such a negative light due to the TV coverage. That's not how most Americans feel about the Olympics.

Tanya Hart, South Pasadena

COMMENT: The reason the NBC ratings are still high, even though we disagree with a lot of their coverage this time around, is that they're the only ones covering it. We have no other choice. They're going to get high ratings despite the fact they're not doing a good job.

Michael Bargy, St. Petersburg

COMMENT: I think the TV coverage of the Games is absolutely terrible. It's very focused on events Americans are favored in. There are another 196 countries competing, and there are a lot of people interested in other athletes. Most of the time we have no idea who else (other than the Americans) is competing.

Linne Toogood, St. Petersburg

COMMENT: Where are Jim McKay and ABC? Bob Costas can't even read his own notes. Get Jim McKay back.

Gary Renard, Clearwater