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Today's topic: good for you

Published Sep. 16, 2005

The Citrus County League of Women Voters recently received an award for second place in increased membership in Florida. It was presented to league president Marge Jones by Fay Law, state president of the League of Women Voters, during the LWV Council meeting in May in Altamonte Springs.

This election year, the LWV is working to increase voter turnout and to inform voters about candidates and issues.

The LWV is non-partisan and does not endorse candidates. It works for change in government after study and consensus by its members.

Local studies on this year's agenda are the advantages, disadvantages and possibilities of a charter form of government for the county and the disposition of solid waste.

Officers for the 1996-97 year are Marge Jones, president; Samantha Brown, first vice president; Patricia Kittleman, second vice president; Anita Taylor, secretary; Mary Lou Elbertson. Elected directors are: Jeanne Bonnit, Jane Fricano, Barbara Meiners, Mary Ellen Bernard and Nancy Campbell. Appointed directors: Betty Porcello and Mary Jo Belt.