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TWA crash heightens fears of flying

The phone in Carol Gross' home began ringing early the day after the TWA jet exploded and crashed off the coast of Long Island, N.Y., killing all the passengers and crew members aboard. Gross runs Fly Without Fear, an organization that attempts to deal with people's fear of flying.

Following a tragedy such as the TWA crash, her advice on dealing with possible anxiety: Avoid watching and reading about the gory details. Or at least "Take positive action by writing to the airlines, the FAA or newspapers, giving your ideas for change."

"Most of our members are not really afraid of flying," said Gross, who also writes frequently on the subject. "They are claustrophobic. They feel a loss of control. They want to fly the plane themselves. They want to sit in the cockpit."

For more information on Gross' organization, call (212) 697-7666.