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In review, NBC isn't all bad

After a week's worth of Olympics coverage, there has been a week's worth of winners and losers.

Let's start with the winners.

BOB COSTAS: Even his greatest critics have praised his deft handling of the studio job. Costas has done well at lending perspective. A few sight gags have come up short, but his dry wit has become a staple of NBC's coverage.

DICK EBERSOL: It's good to be the king. The NBC Sports president is living the high life even with all the criticism NBC's coverage has received. The ratings have been out of this world and as Ebersol so eloquently said, "My job is to get eyeballs to the television, and that's exactly what we're doing."

DICK ENBERG: Dick Enberg's Moments have been the right blend of genuine emotion and valuable information. He uses real pictures instead of staged, dimly lit shots of athletes staring into space.

JOHN TESH: I have to stand by my man. If you would just realize that his emotional descriptions are genuine, maybe you would enjoy his commentary more.

CHRIS MYERS: For a guy who normally just sits in a chair and interviews sports celebrities, Myers did a credible job of covering the Centennial Park bombing. He went on the air just after first-place CNN and offered continuous updates well into the morning.

JANET EVANS: Didn't win a medal and still got more airtime than everybody but Costas. This telegenic expert is sure to be part of NBC's Sydney broadcast team.

ROLD GOLD PRETZELS: The shining star amid a cast of forgettable commercials. Play on, Pretzel Boy.

Now for the losers. Hmmm, where do we start?

JIM GRAY: I'm not exaggerating when I say there is not enough space in the paper to detail his miscues.

Here's a small sample: asked Tom Dolan to rap after winning a gold medal; told Amanda Beard "America is falling in love with you;" bullied Irish swimmer Michelle Smith; and dissed Brooke Bennett in favor of Janet Evans as Bennett spoke about her late grandfather and began to get teary-eyed.

SUMMER SANDERS: She spent nearly half the week screeching at viewers every time a race neared a dramatic conclusion.

Also fault NBC, which put an inexperienced Sanders before 90-million viewers.

JOHN TESH: With the possible exception of Karen Korzow of Palm Harbor (see Sunday's Reader Comments), everyone thinks Tesh is an annoying blow-heart. Tesh takes it all in stride.

"Reviewers hate my guts," he said. "I've been vilified by everyone. People do love to hate me."

BATTLE OF ATLANTA: Still trying to figure out why we had to suffer through this unnecessary feature? Consider this: Ebersol is a Yale history major.

BMW: Why spend millions on ad time and air only one commercial? If I see that BMW riding around with the boats one more time, I am going to be seasick.

_ Information from Times wires was used in this report.