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Largo's new park, cultural center will be historic achievement

Robert Snow of Clearwater missed the mark in his July 18 letter criticizing the leaders of Largo for leading the effort to establish the new Central Park and Cultural Center.

A drive past the park during the week will usually find parents and children enjoying the outdoors, particularly the new Rotary playground. Special events at the park have attracted thousands of children and adults.

The Cultural Center, which will open this fall, will give children and adults an opportunity to enjoy music, dance, drama and community forums for many years to come.

My guess is that when the history of our time in Largo is written, this generation will be honored for having the vision, determination and sacrifice to establish this wonderful new park.

It may be the signal achievement of our generation.

John Ambler


Clearwater needs a health board

The most important commodity that we own is our health. However, Clearwater has 23 boards but no board of health.

I have spoken to City Manager Betty Deptula numerous times regarding this matter. Her answer has always been, "I am working on it." That was more than a year ago. Then I was told that if we did have a board of health, we would be the only city in Florida to have one. What is wrong with being a pioneer?

The city has spent $14-million on the Harborview Center, almost $100,000 to put lights on a bridge most of us cannot see, and $6,000 to light the lights. No one knows yet what the playground at Pier 60 is going to cost. New city buildings _ another $21-million. On and on I could go.

When is this city going to wake up? We have many businesses whose employees handle food with their bare hands and then make change with those same bare hands. Sure, dishes are done mostly by dishwashers, but then they are taken and stacked with bare hands. Where have those hands been? How many times have you seen a bartender rinse glasses in a sink _ yes, one sink, not three, meaning wash, sterilize and rinse.

I guess our city manager and our commissioners have never heard of communicable diseases.

I was on a board of health for 15 years in New Jersey and we had only 4,000 residents, not 119,000, but it was safe to shop and eat there.

When I checked with the county board of health about some of the establishments where I see employees handling food with their bare hands, the answer was, "If someone gets sick, we do check it out."

Residents of Clearwater, the next time you eat out or shop, take notice and see if your dishes and food are being handled by hand or if someone is wearing gloves or only touches the outside rim of your plate. You will be surprised.

Louise C. Riley


Retiring doctor will be missed

This letter is about a wonderful doctor, William P. Williams, whose office was in Largo. Dr. Williams retired on July 15. I am writing this letter on behalf of my husband and me and also for all of Dr. Williams' patients.

Dr. Williams was the most caring doctor _ nothing was too much for him. Believe it or not, he made house calls. I could never figure out when he had time to spend at home, between his office practice and hospital and home visits.

Dr. Williams will be missed by so many. He deserves a wonderful retirement. All of us wish him the best.

We must not forget his office staff. They were always so helpful and patient. They will miss Dr. Williams like all of us.

Hazel Schnibbe