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On and off court, Shaq has his hands full

(ran SS edition of METRO & STATE)

As if he weren't busy enough with the Dream Team and his new $120-million Lakers deal, Shaquille O'Neal is reportedly developing a third feature film and launching his own label, Twism Records.

The label moniker is short for The World Is Mine.

The new motion picture, Shaq Fu, is O'Neal's second in a two-picture deal with at Interscope, which released his current picture, Kazaam, as well as hits such as Jumanji and Mr. Holland's Opus.

However, before O'Neal can begin work on the new picture, he has to complete Steel, in which he plays a DC Comics superhero. The film is slated to go before cameras Aug. 7.

Shaq Fu, similar in title to his most recent album, Shaq Fu: Da Return, but not directly connected, is a martial arts-related film tied to a video game much as Mortal Kombat was. It likely could not be shot until after the 1996-97 basketball season, according to his management company.

Twism is a joint venture with Trauma Records, known for hit alternative acts Bush and No Doubt.

The first release from Twism will be Shaq's next rap record, Can't Stop the Reign, with guest artist performances from chart-topping rappers Snoop Doggy Dogg, Nas and Biggie Small. It's due for release Aug. 26.

Twism's first non-Shaq release will be S.H.E., three sisters ranging in age from 14 to 18. The name of the Burbank-based group stands for Soul, Heart and Energy.

When O'Neal hits Los Angeles, he will join a decades-old tradition of Laker centers filling up the silver screen, including Wilt Chamberlain (Conan the Destroyer) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Airplane, Game of Death).

O'Neal stated last week that he would not try to overdo his off-court activities. "People say I do too much rappin' and moviemaking. But there is no possible way I could be on a team and make a movie at the same time," he said. "For me, movies are an opportunity to have a summer job."