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"I'm sure he's jumping up and down upstairs. We were real close. He taught me how to swim. He would be so happy. Everyone at the pool would have known he was here. He would have been in Bill Clinton's lap."

_ Local Olympic swimmer Brooke Bennett, acknowledging a debt to her late grandfather, James Lane, moments after winning a gold medal in Atlanta.

"I opened the Bible, and it fell open to the first page of the Book of Numbers."

_ Tampa legal secretary Kydia L. Perera, recalling the providential place she hid her lucky ticket after winning the $6-million Lotto jackpot a week ago.

"I'm in the process of trying to find a white suit. That would be for the Thursday right after the election."

_ Tampa City Council member Charlie Miranda, who typically wears black to protest what he calls "the burial of the taxpayer." He was speaking of what he'll wear after the defeat he expects of the referendum to raise the sales tax a half-cent.

"My students at USF, nearly all of them commuting from home, working at part-time or even full-time jobs, know none of the trendy little games that sophisticated Ivy Leaguers play to establish position. They do not think anyone owes them anything, and they're thankful for the smallest courtesy.

_ University of South Florida professor Jacob Neusner, contrasting the elitism of Ivy League students with the blue-collar humility of students at the University of South Florida.

"Ethically, it would be absolutely asinine. Here at the station, we believe you should never leave a gun inside of your car, if at all possible."

_ Bob Northrup, an officer in the Tampa Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit, commenting on gun safety in the wake of reports that Hillsborough State Attorney Harry Lee Coe has had two handguns stolen from his cars in the last two years.

"The lady has played them like a virtuoso and continues to play them. I think the Tribune has proven it has been used by this early endorsement. They belittle her with this early endorsement, obviously done to boost what they consider to be a sagging campaign."

_ Former Tampa Tribune managing editor Paul Hogan, on the Tribune's endorsement of congressional candidate Phyllis Busansky six weeks before the primary election.