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COMMENT: My children are in Greece for the summer and they told me they're watching the Olympics over there 24 hours a day. A lot of the prime time stuff we see is live there. They're seeing much more Olympics than we are. I think that's pretty pathetic.

Marianna Steriadis, Clearwater

COMMENT: This is the most hideous coverage I've ever seen. I think news need to be with NBC, but sports should be done by ABC or ESPN.

Ramona Richardson,

St. Petersburg

COMMENT: I'm really sick of hearing everyone whine about NBC's coverage of the Olympics. NBC is doing its best. It can't please everybody. If you have a problem with it, don't watch it, and stop ruining it for everyone who is trying to enjoy it. I think hearing stories about the athletes makes it more interesting. It adds more depth to the competition.

Lindsay Pellegrino, 17, Seminole

COMMENT: I think they should give the rights of televising the soccer games to the Spanish TV station, Univision. They're professionals, and I would really like to see soccer on TV.

Bogdan Asztalos, St. Petersburg

COMMENT: I'd like to know why NBC did not cover the final of the men's 1,500 freestyle. I think that's terrible. It's an important event, too, whether the Americans had made the final or not. That event wasn't even mentioned by the announcers.

Janis Chmauch, Dunedin

COMMENT: This is the Olympics, not the American Olympics. Yes, it's okay to get excited about the U.S. athletes getting gold medals, but when other athletes from other countries win gold, they don't really care. They go about the whole thing like no one else is important.

Angela Dennis, Clearwater

COMMENT: I have yet to see weightlifting on TV. I've spent hours watching swimming and track and volleyball, and everything else. I'd like to see some. Or are we just catering to the United States?

Bob Pacecca, St. Petersburg

COMMENT: I don't understand why TV has to keep the camera on the athletes after they lose, like they did with the two gymnasts the other day. I think the coverage has been terrible.

Earl Little, Largo

COMMENT: I think the coverage has been built around the Americans and I'd like to see more about all of the athletes. I also think it's unforgivable how they overshadowed Brooke Bennett in favor of Janet Evans.

Sharon Constantino, Clearwater

Q: Quite a few years ago there was a fellow who always wore a hat when he ran. What was his name?

Roy Gilbert, Palm Harbor

A: You're thinking of Dave Wottle, who won the gold medal in the 800-meter in 1972. Wottle's victory was tarnished somewhat when he forgot to remove his trademark cap during the playing of the national anthem, leading some to claim he was unpatriotic.