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Silver routine for Chow

First Kerri Strug. Now Amy Chow.

Although Chow's performance on the uneven bars wasn't as dramatic as Strug's painful second vault in the all-around competition Tuesday night, she came through for the United States on Sunday night at the Georgia Dome.

With Shannon Miller going splat and Dominique Dawes coming close again, Chow was the one to make the trek to the medal stand. Her routine earned 9.837 points, good for a tie for silver. Dawes was third until China's Wenjiing Bi, the last competitor, posted 9.837 to knock her out of medal contention. Because of the tie for second, there was no bronze awarded.

Russia's Svetlana Chorkina won the gold with 9.850.

Blaine Wilson was the only American man competing. He scored a steady 9.737 on the still rings, but it was not good enough for a medal. Yuri Chechi of Italy won the gold.

In the first competition, Dawes and Miller were pretty much busts on the vault. Dawes took giants steps on both her landings. Her two scores averaged to 9.649 and sixth place.

Miller failed to nail her first landing, but found a way to after her second vault. Her feet went out from under her and she landed on her rear end. She finished last with an average of 9.350 and walked off the floor in tears.

Romania's Simona Amanar and Gina Gogean took first and third, respectively, in the women's vault with scores of 9.825 and 9.750. China's Huilan Mo earned the silver with 9.768, nailing both her landings.

"Hopefully it will make her more hungry for tomorrow," said Peggy Liddick, one of Miller's coaches. "Knowing Shannon Miller, I'm sure it will."

Miller will compete in the beam final today.

Strug skipped Sunday's vault competition with hopes of competing in today's floor exercise. If she can't perform in the floor, Strug will be replaced by Dawes.

Ioannis Melissanidis of Greece won the gold in the men's floor exercise, with individual all-around winner Li Xiaoshuang taking the silver and Alexei Nemov of Russia the bronze.

It was the first gymnastics medal for Greece since 1906.

"Before I saluted the judges (to start the routine), I say to myself, "I'm not in the United States, I'm not in Atlanta, I'm in Athens,'

" Melissanidis said. "The people were so friendly, so kind, I felt like I was in Greece. I was not Ioannis Melissanidis, I was Greece."

Melissanidis finished with a back handstand into a double back twist, then blew kisses to the crowd. China's Xiaoshuang Li had the last chance to catch Melissanidis _ and many thought he had.

In the men's pommel horse, Switzerland's Donghua Li won the gold, Romania's Marius Urzica the silver and Nemov the bronze.