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Parents need more facts on year-round schools

Editor: Moton Elementary parents, grandparents and friends, it is time to stand up and be heard. Superintendent John Sanders has the idea that an overwhelming percentage of us are in favor of our children going to a year-round school schedule. I am sure for some of our families, the proposed schedule is appealing. (According to Dr. Sanders, our Moton Committee has "recommended" it.)

My concern, however, is who has made this decision. More importantly, on what basis? When will we be informed of the facts regarding year-round education?

Mr. John DiRienzo, what were the results of the survey you sent home to parents in the spring? What about the parents who asked for more information? Wouldn't it be good to have a series (minimum of two or three) of parent meetings to give factual information, and then let us make the final decision?

Another concern is the sneaky way this is being slipped through. It sounds a lot like "The less we tell them the fewer questions they'll ask." This reminds me of a story I read to my son, The Emperor's New Clothes.

In the story, a vain emperor is told by two greedy men that they would make him the most beautiful clothes in the world. There was a catch. Only the very wise could see the fabric the clothes were made of. Not to seem silly, the vain emperor did not ask any questions, but paid the greedy men for the fine clothes. When the day came to show the clothes in public, the emperor, still not asking why he couldn't see the fabric, paraded through town. Not until a child spoke up and pointed out the emperor's lack of clothing did he realize how silly he truly was.

Are you believing what a few are telling us without questioning their ideas and sources? History has proven this over and over to be a very unwise decision.

We need to get together and not let the J. D. Floyd Elementary School principal and the superintendent slip this through, hoping we won't notice until it is too late.

Mr. DiRienzo, get a backbone and stand up to them. Support us and our children, and we will support you.

I encourage parents to go to the phone and start calling. Call Mr. DiRienzo at Moton Elementary, 544-6450. Ask about parent meetings. Call the School Board members and ask when there will be a meeting that gives parents an opportunity to voice their opinions.

Kay Tippenhauer


Voters will remember

tax increases at polls

Editor: I just read the article in the newspaper concerning the County Commission's proposed property tax rate increase of 1 mill.

This would not be bad, except that the commissioners also are proposing raising the sales tax by a penny, after they had the unmitigated gall to refuse to raise impact fees for the maintenance of the infrastructure.

Of course, property owners, as a group, do not contribute to political campaigns.

It would be interesting to know just how much money was contributed to the various war chests of our commissioners by the county builders' association and the individual builders.

Just remember, commissioners: The taxpayers will remember at election time.

Seborn Blackburn

Spring Hill

Higher taxes would keep

county in good shape

Editor: To those people who are complaining about the unsightly condition of the median strips along Spring Hill Drive, I would like to ask how many of you voted down any and all increases in our county taxes?

If there is not enough money to repair roads, why do you think there is money to prune the palms?

The County Commission and the taxpayers of this county need to get real, or this county is going to go downhill real fast.

I live on Social Security only, and I would certainly not argue about paying $50 a year more on my taxes.

Jean Lane


Monsignor was doing

"God's work"

Editor: I understand that sheriff's deputies and other public servants are there to do their job for the injured people involved in a serious accident.

However, because Monsignor John Scully did get permission from the injured person's mother, he, too, was doing a service. The monsignor is a very caring and concerned person, and was there to do "God's work."

It was a total injustice done to this man of God and he should be commended, not denied, the right to do his job, which is to administer and soothe the injured person and give him or her the blessings rightfully theirs to receive as a Catholic.

Isabelle Trafford

Spring Hill

Freezes chased orchid

from Hernando County

Editor: Re: the article Orchids are a guide to health of preservation in the July 22 Hernando Times.

This orchid, the Tampa butterfly, or more specifically, Epidendrum Tampense, was native to the Brooksville area and north into Citrus County. However, the freezes of the past few decades have been too much for it, and they are now absent from our woodlands.

Also, I note the picture of the flowers in the Times article was upside down. Obviously, someone there doesn't know about orchids.

At one time I was a large-scale orchid grower and had a tourist attraction, Weeki Wachee Orchid Gardens, at Weeki Wachee Springs.

There is still one orchid in this area that is an epiphyte, one that grows on tree bark rather than in the ground. This is the so-called green fly orchid, Epidendrum Conopseum. One thing that saved this orchid from the freezes is that it does not have a bulb, as does Tampense.

The freezing out of a native species does indicate there are colder swings to our climate than in the past.

When I was a boy, we had avocado trees 25 feet high, guavas spread so much as to be a nuisance, and many ornamentals, such as bougainvillea, grew year after year to great size.

Monroe W. Trieman


Grandmother thankful for scholarship

Editor: I would like to publicly thank the American Business Women's Association, Tangerine Chapter, for awarding me a scholarship for a second year.

Ninety-nine percent of scholarships available are for high school students. It is organizations such as ABWA that recognize older students such as myself, a grandmother of four, who return to college.

With the aid of the Tangerine Chapter, I am going to the University of Tampa to complete my degree in mathematics education.

Rae L. Simundza

Spring Hill

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