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Today's topic: In a word

There are words, and then there are WORDS. Those are the words that make us pull our hair out and wonder what the devil the writer is talking about. Here are a few I recently gleaned from articles, books and the Internet.

1. AVOCET _ a) Pain killer. b) Shorebird. c) Special calling.

2. COMMINATE _ a) Curse. b) Remark on. c) Chew up.

3. CONVOLVULUS _ a) A vine. b) Spiraled. c) Fleshy piece at the back of the throat.

4. EVANESCENT _ 2a) Bubbly. b) Glowing. c) Vanishing.

5. MOIETY _ a) Closed society. b) Heraldic design. c) Tribal division.

For extra credit: AGGLOMERATION means ----, while CONGLOMERATION means ----.

ANSWERS: (No peeking!) 1b, 2a, 3a, 4c, 5c. In the "Close but no Cigar" category: AGGLOMERATION means a jumbled heap or mass, while CONGLOMERATION is a mixture of miscellaneous things.

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