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Darth construction

A 15-foot high foam structure of the Star Wars bad guy, Darth Vader, is being constructed from a computer-generated model by Creative Arts Unlimited Inc. for a trade show. The work is being done on Lakeview Road in Clearwater. Numbered foam blocks were put together in succession for each of the four main sections, which are carved with an electric wire to form the haunting Vader features of face and head. It is then sanded and painted.

Wayne Emond applies a coat of black paint over a gray fire-retardant sealant. Before the sealant was applied, a hard plastic coating was put on the foam.

When complete, this Darth Vader doorway will have back-to-back faces so people coming and going will see the same view. Wayne Emond sprays on black semigloss paint. Speakers will be built into the doorway.

Brooks Henderson, left, and Brian Wyllie create the distinctive Darth Vader look by using sanding equipment on blocks of foam.

Wayne Emond applies the first coat of paint on the 15-foot-high Vader, which is 15 feet long and 17{ feet wide. The finished paint job will include several coats of black semigloss paint.