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COMMENT: I would like to comment on NBC's lack of coverage of the gold-medal softball game. In case most people haven't noticed, there are hundreds of girls playing in weekend tournaments all over the country, and there are many people who are very interested in the sport. Instead they choose to show mountain biking, which I know is of interest to some people, but I think the numbers (for softball) probably outweigh it.

Cynthia Sogolow, Tampa

COMMENT: I am very upset about NBC not even covering the women's softball team. They haven't even televised one of their games yet.

Marcella Milillo, St. Petersburg

COMMENT: I think the coverage that NBC has done has been great. My family and I have watched it every single night. But I think if I have to see Kerri Strug's last vault one more time my ankle will swell in sympathy.

Michelle Schwartz, Madeira Beach

COMMENT: I'm a 40-year immigrant to the United States. The reporting is very good, but not about the foreign countries. That's the reason Americans don't know what is happening outside their shores. I think when (the athletes) step on the podium, (NBC) really should show three happy faces, three flags. This is really disgusting.

Hedy Schubert, Clearwater

COMMENT: It's a huge job to cover the Olympics. It's an overwhelming job. These people are professionals, they're doing the best they can. We're just lucky to have it in this country, and we're lucky to be able to view it on television. I think we should just enjoy what we see.

Phillip Penrose, St. Petersburg

COMMENT: I think the gymnastics is interesting. I've watched every bit of it, I've rooted for the Americans, but it's way, way, way too much. Especially (with the exhibition Tuesday night). They're not showing women's basketball, they're not showing women's volleyball, they're not showing nearly the amount of the sports coverage that they should. . . . I can't believe that many people are that interested in this much gymnastics.

Karen McClellan, Seminole

Q: Where can I write to silver medalist Matt Ghaffari, the guy who's been going around to the bombing victims and giving them T-shirts and tickets?

Nancy Catalano, St. Petersburg

A: Write him in care of USA Wrestling, 6155 Lehman Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918.

Q: How could I write to Strug?

David Bruno, St. Petersburg

A: Due to a multitude of requests for gymnasts' addresses, we will print this just one more time. Write to members of the U.S. gymnastics team in care of USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza, Suite 300, 201 South Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225.

_ Compiled by Sharon Ginn.