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Words form the wise // Time-out is not a good place


Kids (parents too), are you ready for kindergarten? You've got a new lunch box, a really neat backpack and probably a stomach full of butterflies. If you're nervous about your first day of school, it's understandable.

What are the teachers like? How will you make friends? What will happen if you misbehave? That's a lot of stuff for a rookie to learn. It sounds scary, but it's not as bad as you may think.

We interviewed veterans (soon-to-be first-graders) Jarrod Barry, Rachel Freeman, Patrick Kazar and Leo McFee, and asked them questions about the big "K." Jarrod attends Oakhurst Elementary in Largo, Leo attends Cross Bayou Elementary in Pinellas Park, and Rachel and Patrick attend Shorecrest Preparatory School in St. Petersburg.

Here is their take on kindergarten.

Q: What is kindergarten like?

"It's a good place because there are a lot of toys to play with." _ Jarrod

Q: What kind of things do you do in Kindergarten?

"You do math and you learn stuff and you play, the teachers teach you. When you go into kindergarten, you learn lots of stuff. It's fun and you make lots of friends." _ Rachel

"We went to field trips to the St. Pete Times, the St. Pete Pier and to a baseball game. they were fun." _ Leo

Q: How do you make friends?

"You have to be nice, and ask people, "Would you be my friend.'

" _ Jarrod

"Look at kids' faces and remember them, and play with them every day." _ Rachel

Q: Are the teachers nice?

"The teachers are nice. They help you when you need help and they care about you." _ Leo

Q: What happens if you're bad?

"If you're bad, your teachers will put you in time out. Time out is when they put you in the corner. I don't like it." _ Leo

"Time-out is not a good place." _ Patrick

Q: What would you tell someone who is scared to go to kindergarten?

"Don't be scared, there's nothing that will bother you." _ Patrick