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And the answer is ... // Questions some bay area residents would ask the candidates if they had the chance

How do you plan to create new jobs for the people who have been laid off because of industries moving overseas?

Lorrie Jackson, 14, Heather Plazak, 14, Maria Sebti, 14, Tampa, Buchanan Junior High School

Why not have one six-year term for president? Decisions would be made as required with no concern about being re-elected.

Janet Macomber, 49, Dunedin, homemaker

Why can't the elderly enjoy the same health care system that all congressmen have? We have smaller pensions than they do and need it.

Sylvia Wolan, 72, Holiday, retired law enforcement officer

The money given to each candidate by the federal government ($62-million each) is obscene. It could take care of many entitlements. Would you entertain one month of campaigning and $20-million each?

Beverly Mitlin, 68, St. Petersburg, real estate sales associate

How can we keep full funding for Medicaid? We've worked all our lives for this money. Why try to take it away?

James Currington, 66, St. Petersburg, retired schoolteacher

How can a candidate make an exception to the no-abortion rule? Do they feel that some lives are more important than others?

Harry Leto, 37, Tampa, marketing director for traffic service

What can be done about the cost of living? Even with the minimum wage increase, the raise is spent by the time you buy your groceries.

George Cooney, 58, St. Petersburg, custodian at St. Petersburg Junior College

Why is there so much negative campaigning? Why don't you try to help people instead of tearing each other apart?

Bobby Harris, 58, St. Petersburg, retired transit operator

Many Americans have exhausted their unemployment benefits but are still not working. Therefore, they are no longer counted in unemployment statistics. What will you do to ensure that unemployment statistics include these "forgotten" citizens and that they will not be permanently shut out of the job market? At age 56, I am one of them.

Claudia Kuhn, Palm Harbor, former administrative director for Community mental health center