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"When I saw all those young kids throwing rocks, my concern was, Where are their parents? Why are they destroying our neighborhood, our black community? It just doesn't make any sense. There are businesses that are giving jobs to our black people, and they're going and burning them down. They don't think, "Who is going to build all this back? Who is all this going to hurt?' "

_ Mary Parker, who heads the Cromwell Heights neighborhood association

"A lot of things have happened that are positive in this city, but there is a lot more to do. It's going to take everybody working together....In any city in America this can happen. We need to make sure it's investigated thoroughly and fairly, and let the chips fall where they may."

_ Bob Gilder, member of the City's Neighborhood Team and civil rights activist.

"I can't sleep. I've been praying all night. I hate when lives are lost over foolishness. Instead of people talking, they want to tear up the world.

"The ministers, they're the ones people look up to. The ministers are the city. They get their elders and deacons and everyone can get together and talk."

_ Wilma Green, 75, who lives off 26th Avenue S

"We've got some confused youth who need guidance, who need counseling, who need embracing and without all those components, they're lost, angry and frustrated."

_ Valerie Johnson, 47, of the Enoch C. Davis Center

"Our people are concerned that they often don't get justice. As clergy, we should demand that justice should be done."

_ Rev. Cal Hopkins, Stewart-Isom Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

"I don't think, one, that somebody has all the answers. I think that's been the problem all along. It's going to take all of us to solve our problems."

_ Bishop John Copeland, Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance and pastor of Macedonia Free Will Baptist Church.

"Looking at those young people who were out there throwing bottles and rocks, they were not always teenagers. There's a great deal that happens to these children in the educational environment that produces these kinds of attitudes.

_ Adelle Vaughn Jemison, member of Community Alliance education committee