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MORE SCARY X-PRESSIONS // The attack of the villainous hedge trimmer

As we were pulling in from Sunday School I saw my dad with a pair of motorized hedge trimmers. I leaped out of the car.

"Dad!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, "Can I try?"

"Go change your clothes and you can," Dad said hesitantly.

I bolted up the stairs into my room, threw my Sunday School books on the floor, flung the dresser drawers open, grabbed some clothes and put them on. I was so tired I sauntered down the stairs to where my dad was waiting for me.

"I'm ready," I proclaimed proudly.

"Good, here you go" (he handed me the trimmer), "all yours. Just push that button to make it cut."

I pushed the button like my dad said _ a loud, awful noise emanated from the device in my hand and it was a little bit wobbly, but I started to cut the hedge. I cut and cut and cut some more thenuh oh, it started to slip, slice; it had cut halfway through my finger.

I screamed (wouldn't you if you did that?). Blood was dripping everywhere.

My mom came running. "What happened?" she shrieked in utter terror as I bled on the deck. She ran and got a towel, wrapped it around my finger and took me inside.

As I ambled inside in sheer agony, my best friend Todd arrived at our door. "What is going on here?" he asked. As my dad explained it, I was at the sink washing off the blood and using soap to disinfect (it stung like crazy).

"Does it hurt?" Todd asked.

"Ya think?" I snapped.

But I was lucky Todd had come when he came or I would have died, literally. "Squeeze my hand," he said.

Thank God! It helped so much, it is hard to describe. It helped me take my mind off the stinging because he issued me a challenge that I could not hurt him. (Needless to say, I did.)

After two days of agony and missing physical education, I got to the doctor. I used more gauze tape in those two days than I have in my whole life. Much to my liking he said I would not need stitches after all.

Now looking back on this experience, I am in a weird way glad it happened. Look at it this wayI never had to learn right from left since I have a little bump on my left hand where I cut it.

Can you imagine the pain and suffering I was caused all because of a stupid pair of motorized hedge clippers?

Ryan is a student at Tampa Preparatory School.