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Spinetinglers // The eraser

Published Jul. 6, 2006

One day I met an eraser that seemed mean. He lived right behind my house.

The next day I saw the eraser, the eraser was erasing his fence, so I got worried. I told my mom, and she called the cops.

When the cops arrived at our house, we told them what he did. The cops went to the eraser's house immediately. I did not see them come out of the eraser's house.

The next day I called the cops again. The cops thought it was too risky to go in the eraser's house, so they told us to stay away from the eraser and his house.

The next day, my mom was gone. I thought she was trying to scare me, but she didn't leave any notes. I got scared that my mom had been erased. I found out I was right when I discovered her bed had been erased.

So I called the cops because I needed someone to take care of me. They cops came over right away to make sure I was all right. So someone took care of me one week and another person took care of me another week.

I missed my mom very much. Time after time, people called the cops about missing people in the county.

Soon 10 cops went into the house to investigate. Nine of the 10 cops got erased in the eraser's house. The cop that survived was my uncle, John. And I was glad he was alive because most of my family had been erased.

He started to live with me, and I liked it a lot. We remembered the fun things my family did together, like picnics in the park, and we talked about my mom. Most of the people who were erased were my friends. So we decided that something needed to be done about the eraser.

My Uncle John and I tried to come up with a plan to stop the eraser and get back the people who were erased.

We started to think of things that would kill the rubber eraser. Fire might do it. Ice might freeze it. Gasoline might kill it with fumes. Acid might make it disintegrate.

We decided on gasoline. The next day we bought 100 gallons of gasoline. We went over to the eraser's house, broke the window and started pouring gasoline in the window. We boarded up the doors and windows so he couldn't get out.

But he loved to drink gasoline! So he did not die.

Next, Uncle John and I tried burning the gasoline. We brought some matches over to his house. We smashed one of the boards and started throwing in lit matches. We ran away as fast as we could from the eraser's house so we would not be blown up.

The eraser's house blew up, and there were hundreds of small erasers running around. Now we had to deal with 100 erasers. Even though they were small, they erased everything around them. We had to make another plan really fast.

Uncle John and I thought of melting them with acid. We started covering the small erasers with acid, and slowly, the erasers started to melt away. It took us a day to melt all of the small erasers, and it seemed like a lifetime.

Now all we had to do was get back the people who were erased.

We got an old photo album out, and we started to make wooden statues of the people who were erased. The next day the people came to life.

Now I am living with my mom and my uncle, and my uncle and I got an award for great achievements.

Nick, 10, is a fifth-grader at Bauder Elementary School in Seminole.