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The Fright Stuff // An invisible horror

One of the scariest moments of my life was about two years ago when my parents and I thought I had an ulcer, because I would frequently get stomach aches during class.

The weirdest thing was I got the stomach aches every Tuesday and Thursday. In fact, I got sick on the second day of school, which was of course Tuesday. This continued for about six months. At that point my mother accused me of faking it.

Finally, tired of having to pick me up at the school office, she decided it was time for a visit to the diagnostic center. At the center, while I was waiting for the doctor, I was given a glass of radioactive, medicine-tasting, chalky milkshake.

As I lay under the cold lead sheet drinking it, I wondered what would happen to me. Would I grow hair? Would I lose it? Would I grow extra limbs? After totally consuming it the doctor came in and explained the procedure. I was told to think of food, especially something that I liked to eat, and watch the TV screen closely to see what would happen.

The nurse and doctor went behind the wall (which was reassuring to me). I began to see all the fluids travel through my stomach. To my amazement, as I thought about food, a section in my stomach started to inflate. I had to keep that thought until the picture was taken.

After a few more pictures were taken I was sent home shivering. A couple of days later the results came back; I was fine.

Shortly after that episode my pains diminished and with time so did my phone calls to Mom.

Angelo is a student at Tampa Preparatory School.