DNC head accepts blame for fund-raising problems

Published Nov. 13, 1996|Updated Sept. 17, 2005

The chairman of the Democratic National Committee took responsibility Tuesday for questionable fund-raising activities that have prompted the return of more than $750,000 in campaign gifts.

"It's my job. I take responsibility for it," said party chairman Don Fowler.

Fowler also disclosed that DNC's general counsel recently sent a memo to the staff directing that gift records not be destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Commerce Department inspector general's office announced that it has begun investigating the activities of DNC fund-raiser John Huang when he worked in the department's trade office from 1994-95.

Commerce documents showed Huang had received calls from officials connected with Indonesia's Lippo Group, where he had previously worked.

Also Tuesday, the Justice Department refused a request by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., that an independent counsel be appointed to look at DNC fund-raising. A department panel is looking into allegations regarding campaign fund-raising during the past year.