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Police officer who fired the fatal shot

"Since I was in a tactically unsafe position I moved to a better vantage point where I could see at the front bumper on the driver's side of the vehicle. At that point I drew my weapon. I noticed there were what I could tell was two black male occupants in the vehicle. My gun was at the low ready toward the hood. . . .

"I gave verbal commands for them to shut the vehicle off. They didn't comply. I gave verbal commands to let me see your hands. I saw the passenger's hands up. I saw the driver's left hand up. . . .

"The vehicle was bumping my legs. . . . (Officer Minor) asked me if she should break the glass with her (baton). I said yes. I figured this would . . . maybe get the guys' attention, that we were serious. (Lewis) drove forward a little stronger. . . . At that point I brought my gun up onto the subject and told him, "I'll

f---ing shoot, stop.'

"Officer Minor broke the glass. The subject drove forward into me. . . . I was knocked off balance, up onto the hood. At that point I fired what I thought was two to four rounds. The vehicle moved forward just a little further and stopped."

_ Knight to internal affairs investigators


Police officer on the scene with Knight

"Officer Knight went up to the driver's door and was yelling at that guy to open the door, shut the car off. . . . I went up to the passenger door. I can't see. The windows are really dark. I tried to open the passenger door. It was locked. . . .

"The car that was in front of the bad guys' car took off and Officer Knight went to the left front corner of the car. You couldn't see in the windows. He could see through the windshield . . .

"I went to move our car, to see if I can't block him in a little better, and I realized there's nothing I can do with one car . . . so I got out, moved to the driver's side. . . . I'm on the driver's side so I leaned in, like this, to see who's in there. I saw a black male and he had a lot of gold teeth, and he was shaking his head no. . . .

"I pulled out my (baton), and the guy was starting to cut wheel . . . As I struck the driver's window, he cranked the wheel to the left and my (baton) bounced off, it didn't break it, and he started to pull off, and I jumped out of the way, and Officer Knight fired the two shots that I remember hearing."

_ Minor to state attorney's investigators

EUGENE YOUNG Passenger in the car

when TyRon Lewis was shot

"He was knocking on the window, and the other female she was behind on my side knocking on the window (telling us) to get out of the car. . . ." When Knight moved in front of the car and drew his pistol, "I was watching him with the gun. I was scared. . . .

"He was telling us to just get out of the car. That's all he was telling us to do, get out of the car. . . .

"When the officer, he was trying to get in the middle of the bumper with his gun, and (Lewis) was turning it, he was turning the wheel. . . .

"He was trying to leave the scene. (The car) was jerking a little bit. . . . I was scared. . . . He was not trying to run over the officer. He was trying to turn the car to the left to leave the scene."

_ Young to state attorney's investigators

"And then my friend say he was shot, shot and I had done looked, and I had done got out of the car and I had done laid on the ground."

_ Young to Police Department investigators


"The male officer is still in the front of this car, screaming to this guy, "Cut the car off, stop.' He says, "I'm going to shoot.' The car is still in motion, coming towards this officer. He's still yelling, "Cut the car off, get out.' The car is still rolling towards this officer. So the next thing I saw, the officer pointed at the car. He says, "Shut the f---ing car off now.' And all I heard was the bullet."


"The guy like just like moved the car like an inch forward and the cop . . . moved, too. . . . And the guy moved the car a little bit and he moved, too. . . .

"So after a while, the guy turned the steering wheel to his left. So the lady cop got in her car and tried to go around, but she couldn't go around at the time. She didn't have enough room. So she got out with her blackjack and started hitting the back window on the driver's side. And after she hit the window a couple times, that is when the guy shot the gun three times. And I got out of my car then and went over and looked in it. And the guy, he was like taking deep breaths. The other guy jumped out then with his hands in the air and said, "We never did anything, we never did anything.' "


The Pontiac "was rolling. The two of them had their hands up, and the car (was) trying to roll. He (Lewis) reached down like he was going to, you know, put it in park or whatever you call it. . . . And then the cop said, "If you don't get out of the car I'm going to shoot you.' That is when I said, "It's time to go.' "


"It was like, you know how you take your foot off the brake or whatever, and the car, it rolled. And at that time I heard . . . the lady officer, she said, "Shoot him, shoot him." That is when the guy, he just shot him. . . . The car didn't go fast enough for him to, you know, be in fear of his life because it is like when you just take your foot off the brake and the car may roll."