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QUALITY OF LIFE INDEX // Our times as told by statistics

The best of the Quality of Life Index for 1996

Increase, in tons, in the weight of the trash and debris picked up in Ybor City after Guavaween this year compared to the amount of waste picked up after Guavaween two years ago: +7.7

Originally planned ratio of jail deputies to inmates at the Hillsborough County Jail on Orient Road: 1-to-48

Actual ratio of deputies to inmates at the jail: 1-to-72

Percentage of Tampa residents who have a four-year college degree: 16.1

Average percentage of persons who have a four-year college degree in a survey of 23 major U.S. cities: 22.3

Number of U.S. cities in that survey with a lower percentage of college graduates than Tampa: 0

Ratio in the number of women and children to the number of men sheltered by The Spring domestic violence shelter last year: 387-to-1

Increase, in percent, in the number of tattoo shops in Hillsborough County over the past decade: +1,000

Weight, in pounds, of the cyst removed in February from the abdomen of a patient at St. Joseph's Women's Hospital: 91

Weight, in pounds, of 1996 Gasparilla Distance Classic women's winner Tegla Loroupe: 85