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THE YEAR IN PICTURES // Moments in Pasco news

Published Jul. 6, 2006

Here are some memorable images of people and events in '96.

THROUGH THE ROOF: An August storm has taken its toll on a mobile home in Shalimar Village in Port Richey. W. Byron Osborn, left, of Hudson First United Methodist Church and Linda Graves of the Lighthouse for the Blind gather some of the personal belongings of Irene St. Pierre, the home's elderly resident.

THE END OF A LANDMARK: A Pasco firefighter sprays the early-morning fire that eventually destroyed the historic Moon Lake Lodge in September. A New Port Richey teenager was charged with arson in the destruction last week. The lodge was built in 1937 and had been a hunting retreat for the elite.

ACCIDENT AFTERMATH: Gulf High students Christina Sessa, left, and Kristen King comfort each other after two buses collided on a field trip in March, causing minor injuries to 17 students.

THE WATER IS WIDER: The Buzzard Lake of May 1, 1996, has a bit more water than it had during 1995 and 1994. This aerial photo shows some wet spots in the formerly dry lake bed.

POWER LIFTER: Denise Mindzora, owner of Affordable Automobile Repair in New Port Richey, demonstrates how she lifted this 1976 Lincoln Continental off Jim Mitchell. A jack collapsed, pinning Mitchell under the car. "I lifted as hard as I could," she said. "I weigh 105 pounds." The car weighs 5,000.

SUPERINTENDENT RETIRES; FORMER POLICE CHIEF DIES: Above: Retiring school Superintendent Tom Weightman gets a hug. At right: a memorial to former Zephyrhills police Chief Bill Eiland, who died in April.