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QUALITY OF LIFE INDEX // Our times as told by statistics

Number of pager and beeper companies doing business in the city of Tampa: 48

Approximate number of times per day that Mayor Dick Greco says that people pause to thank him for keeping the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from moving: 5 to 6

Approximate number of times per day that Greco says people thank him for putting more police cars on the street: 0

Number of bank robberies in Hillsborough County, Jan. 1 through Feb. 7: 14

Number of those robberies in which bank employees put an exploding "dye pack" in with the loot: 1

Approximate number of World War I veterans living in Hillsborough County: 60

Approximate number of World War II vets in Hillsborough: 26,890

Approximate number of Korean conflict vets in Hillsborough: 16,300

Approximate number of Vietnam vets in Hillsborough: 34,130

Approximate number of Persian Gulf war veterans in Hillsborough: 5,200

BEEPER AND PAGER COMPANIES: City of Tampa Internal Audit Department.

BUCS VS. COP CARS: Staff report.

DYE PACK: Staff report.

VETERANS IN HILLSBOROUGH: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.