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QUALITY OF LIFE INDEX // Our times as told by statistics

Percentage of about 400 Tampa residents who said in a recent survey that the last time they tried to call their cable television company, they got a busy signal: 25

Percentage who gave up after getting no answer the last time they called the cable company: 10

Percentage who got through: 65

Percentage of those who said the last time they got through, they were put on hold: 29

Pounds of fish caught in Hillsborough County's coastal waters in 1980: 2.78-million

Pounds of fish taken from Hillsborough County's coastal waters in 1995: 630,000

Percentage of Tampa's 915 sworn police personnel who live inside the city limits: 17.9

Number of meals served to the homeless by Metropolitan Ministries last year: 1,050,997

Number of complaints about discrimination in housing and employment made to the city of Tampa's community affairs office in 1995: 184

Number of discrimination complaints made to the city in 1996: 129

_ Compiled by RICHARD DANIELSON. Sources are on 7B.

Sources for Quality of Life Index, 1B

CABLE TELEVISION: Report for the city of Tampa's Office of Cable Communications by The Buske Group. The company surveyed 404 cable television subscribers and non-subscribers and had a 4.9 percent margin of error.

FISH CATCH: "Hillsborough Tomorrow, Today Vision, Tomorrow Reality: The Hillsborough County Benchmarks Report," a December 1996 report produced jointly by the Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission and the University of South Florida Center of Design and Research. The report is modeled on a similar statewide report and is designed to measure Hillsborough's status in seven different areas. The information in it was gathered from Oct. 1 to Dec. 1, 1996.

POLICE IN THE CITY: Staff report.

METROPOLITAN MINISTRIES: Winter 1997 issue of "The Bridge," a newsletter published by Metropolitan Ministries.