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Fonda says Ted Turner reminds her of Dad

While a former close friend decribes her marriage as a "pact with the devil," Jane Fonda thinks that in marrying Ted Turner she has found the man who most closely resembles her late actor father Henry Fonda, Vanity Fair magazine reports in its April issue.

In a rare interview since marrying the CNN boss in 1991, Fonda said that Turner is very much like her father and even sounds and looks like him but with "none of the bad parts."

She added, "One big difference Ted is well within his skin. Ted is not afraid of expressing his need, and he loves women, and he is not threatened by them."

The story said marriage to Turner has dramatically changed Fonda, who has retired from filmmaking to become a rabidly loyal spouse. It quotes one Turner executive as saying Fonda never dares leave Turner alone.

"She's figured Ted out pretty well. He never could be alone, he couldn't stand it. . . . Even when he was married, he always had a girl with him. Jane never leaves him alone. They're always together. It's probably the only time in his life he's been with one woman," the executive said.

A former close friend of Fonda's told the magazine that her marriage to Turner was a sell-out on Fonda's part and "a pact with the devil."

Fonda described their relationship this way: "It's like this machine my father found that you put rocks in and if you choose the rocks right, after a period of time, they become round and shiny."

"When two people, especially two big egos like us, come together after 50, it's a little like putting two jagged rocks into this machine. And I think it takes two to three years for the corners to get rounded."