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A crafty Peeps show

If the thought of eating one of those icky Marshmallow Peeps that pop up each Easter makes you queasy, Just Born (the company that makes these marshmallow monsters) offers craft ideas using the sticky sweet things.

"Who says wreaths are just for Christmas?" the company literature asks. "All you need is a Styrofoam wreath, paper twist, floral pins, hot glue, Spanish moss, a pretty ribbon, and of course, a few Marshmallow Peeps."

As all Florida residents know, setting out any food item _ specifically gobs of colored sugary marshmallows _ will attract lots and lots of ants. The Peep manufacturer suggests using hair spray on the candy to keep the bugs away.

A richer shade of pale

The more important you become, the paler your hair should be.

So says Caroline Bessette Kennedy's hair colorist, who told Entertainment Tonight that John F. Kennedy Jr.'s wife comes in every three weeks to make sure her dark roots don't show.

Like her late mother-in-law, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Kennedy has become a style-setter, as more and more women seek to copy her color, which has been dubbed "society blond."

It's the accent and a whole lot more

Today is St. Patrick's Day. You may not be Irish but these entertainers are:

Liam Neeson (actor in Schindler's List)

U2 (the band who sang Sunday Bloody Sunday)

Bob Geldolf (the guy who organized Live Aid)

Riverdancers (those tall, thin dancers who only move their legs and feet)

The Cranberries (Zombie, Zombie, Zombie)

Sinead O'Connor (formerly bald female singer who doesn't like the Pope)

Van Morrison (anti-social singer/songwriter whose four upcoming shows at Ruth Eckerd Hall are sold-out)

You are who you start preschool as

Hope you like your preschooler's personality, because it isn't going to change much. U.S. and New Zealand researchers followed more than 800 children from age 3 to 18 and found that many of their personality traits persisted into young adulthood, Parents magazine reports. Genetics may be party responsible, the magazine says, but also early behavioral style is likely to be reinforced by various life experiences. And the child's way of interacting with others tends to re-create the same conditions over and over again.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.