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Curfew will hinder county's good kids

Editor: I'm almost positive you won't publish my letter, partly because of the length and more so, the content!

I'm a youth pastor of a local church and have the privilege and honor of working with many of Pasco's teenagers.

Do we as adults take away privilege and rights of all adults because a few choose to rape, rob, murder and break every law on the books? No! Yet, this is exactly what has been done to the younger generation, the very same generation that will be responsible for our future!

Yes, many youths from my group are and will be out past this unjust curfew. They will be coming home from work, school functions and church functions. You'll say, well if they have a justifiable cause to be out, nothing will happen to them! But something will happen! They'll be subject to interrogation. How many adults out there can truthfully say that while they're driving, if they look in their rearview mirror and see a police car with lights on behind them motioning for them to pull over, they will consider it a pleasant experience?

The youths from my group cook and deliver meals to shut-ins, give up many of their weekends to make greeting cards so they can deliver them to nursing homes and help cheer up some elderly people.

Do you really think this curfew will affect the delinquents? No! It will take its toll on all the good youths of our county. Why? Because it's the law and they have been taught to obey and respect the law!

Amy Burkhart, youth pastor

Faith United Methodist Church, Hudson

More speed-limit signs

needed on Holiday street

Editor: Please advise all drivers who use the east-west street of Sunray Drive in Aloha Gardens in Holiday that a 30 mph speed limit is in effect. I have written to Pasco County for more signs along this route, but to no avail. They claim only two signs are needed.

Before a fatality happens, please protect our schoolchildren and our elderly walkers.

G.R. Sweeney, Holiday

Thief makes escape while

Sheriff's Office deliberates

Editor: Last week, my boat was vandalized. One battery was stolen. The thief was working on the second one when my neighbor caught him. He ran.

Two hours later, he walked by with three garbage bags of beer cans. My neighbor informed me he was the thief. I called the Sheriff's Office a second time. All they wanted to do was talk about it while the thief slowly left. I'm on the phone trying to get help, and all I get is questions. No deputy. I hung up the phone and waited for a deputy. An unmarked sheriff's car passed.

Are you here in response to the call? No. Can you help in the meantime? Let me radio in and ask. Ten minutes of talk on radio. Thief slowly disappears. Deputy in unmarked car responds. All she can do is get his name. If I take my car, she'll follow me. By now, the thief has gone a quarter-mile hauling cans, has cashed them in and is history.

Raymond Sherman, New Port Richey