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Hunt down this treasure of a book

Who: Sara Murphy is a fourth-grader at Rawlings Elementary in Pinellas Park. Her teacher is Christy Curran.

What: Windcatcher by Avi Wortis, Maxwell MacMillan Publishing Co., $3.99.

The plot: A boy named Tony wants to buy something special with the money he has in the bank: $300! One day, as he is running as fast as a cheetah around the neighborhood, he sees a boat as shiny as gold. He stalls for a second, and sees the name "Snark" on the sail. He also notices the price is only $295! He wants it! He gets the money out of the bank and buys it.

Soon, he is taking sailing lessons and sailing alone. He is told there is treasure somewhere out in the ocean, so he goes treasure hunting. When he sails close to another couple's boat, they shout, "Keep away!" at him in angry voices. He does as he is told, but another day he spies on them. He follows them and watches as they put on wet suits and dive into the sparkly midnight-blue sea. Tony is just starting to figure out what is going on when they see him watching ... There is more to the mystery, but you'll just have to read it to find out what happens!

Sara's rating: If you like books that are humorous and have a lot of adventure in them, then you would love this book.

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