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"Titanic' won't be a wash

A rain-bloated Mississippi River bears watching, but Memphis officials readying the debut of the "Titanic" exhibit nearby say they do not plan to bail _ literally.

The exhibit opens April 3 in Memphis' sports arena, The Pyramid, which last week hosted NCAA basketball playoff games. The Pyramid is located on the north end of downtown less than a free throw's length from Wolf River Inlet, a backflow for the Mississippi.

"The city of Memphis has had plenty of time to take precautions" for the flood threat, "Titanic" marketing director Twyla Dixon said Monday.

Crews have sandbagged the west side of The Pyramid, and a flood wall and substructure pumps were included when the facility was built in the early 1990s, said general manager Victor Cohen.

The "Titanic" exhibit will travel to St. Petersburg's Florida International Museum when it leaves Memphis, opening here Nov. 15.