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Deputy suspended for not filing report

A Hillsborough sheriff's deputy has been suspended for three days for failing to make a report on a domestic violence incident that merited an arrest, according to a Internal Affairs report released Tuesday.

Deputy Stephen Newman violated department procedures when he responded to an emergency call at Lake Carlton Arms Apartment in Lutz on Dec. 31, the report said.

Rose Pogue complained to Newman that her boyfriend, Robert Raymond Taylor, threw water and spit on her during an earlier argument. She also told Newman that Taylor had been arrested before for domestic violence and that she was afraid of him, a sergeant said in the report.

Instead of arresting Taylor, the report stated, Newman waited with him at the home while Pogue fetched money for a bus ticket Taylor wanted.

He left with the money in a cab. A few hours later, deputies again responded to the home. Sgt. Harold Winsett arrested Taylor, who was trying to get in, and charged him with battery in the earlier incident.

When Winsett confronted Newman about not filing a report or enforcing the domestic violence statute, the deputy said, "the best thing to do was to let the subject leave and go to New Jersey, as that would cure the problem," according to the report.

Winsett said that spitting and throwing water on someone was "not normal," Newman replied, "It may not be normal for me and you but it is for these people," the report said.

Several months ago, Newman received a one-day suspension for not documenting a different incident, according to his file.